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Welcome To Krisztian’s Professional Page

I’m Kris, CTO of noki. At noki, we’re trying to automate note-taking from video calls & making extracting insights for product teams (user testers, product managers) a lot more efficient. We’re early stage, so a lot is happening at a very quick pace! If you’re interested to join a super exciting startup, email me at kris@noki.so.

Previously, I was working as a deep learning engineer at greyparrot.ai. And before that, I participated in a machine learning fellowship at fellowship.ai. Machine learning was (and still is!) such an exciting field, that I wanted to be a part of this fast-moving field.

On the fun side of things, a while back I decide to take a sabbatical. I travelled to a village in China, joined a kung-fu school, and trained for a year there.